I hate losing

Yes, i hate it

I hate when i have to lose something

Worst if i have to lose somebody that i love

It hurts, indeed

One way to avoid getting hurt is..

Avoid it in the first place

Avoid them before they are leaving

or block them from your whatsapp!

That’s it 😀

P/s: I hate being a loser. I always want to win. Well everybody loves to win right?

But sometimes you just love someone so much that you willing to let go off your ego and makes them happy..


Pengarang: Mrs Vibrant

A girl with many ambitious dreams. Married to a fun, loving and smart Arab man. TTC-ian raise your hands up! Easy-going, trustworthy and good listener I must say as what my friends describe me. Oh one more thing, also a very very attractive lady ;D For any enquiries/say hi, please contact me via my email: bookloverunited@gmail.com. Thanks!

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