Healthy Diet and Exercise: START TODAY!

Assalamu’alaikum and have a very blast Monday!


Hahahaha. I love you Fat Amy!!!! Love Pitch Perfetc 2 too!

MashaAllah! How time flies and we are already in the mid October 2015. And i haven’t yet get my desired weight!!! What????!!! :p

My funny love-hate-love relationship with this losing weight challenge or goal are like these:

  1. I’ve set my goal to lose 10kg (before i’m getting married T_T)

Results: I’m married! Yet still have 8kg to lose!!!! *blame my husband for spoiling me with food and asking me to cook and eat with him 😀

2. Never say no to food?!

Results: Yeah, i can’t resist food-temptation!!! Well..i always want to eat a fresh, raw, healthy and everything good for the body. But end up eating whatever-in-front-available. Excuses excuses excusessss..

3. Exercise and healthy diet starts…tomorrow :p

Results: Exercise? Only when i have mood and free-time, since i’m married i found it is harddddd to exercise because have to entertain my husband’s needs and 8-10 hours working and other home-chores. *another excuses… But i always find myself sweating by walking to go to lrt-office-lrt-home. Yaddaaaa~ Diet? Try to have as much as possible fruits and vegeies stock up in my fridge but the only one staple in my fridge is LEMON! I love lemon and my husband is served with warm lemon + ginger + cinnamon every morning before work 😉 Alhamdulillah.

Due to all those reasons and excuses *cough*, I’ve tried and tested several apps and read few books on living healthy lifestyle and i would like to share one of my favourite books and apps here!

She is my favourite healthy-lifestyle guru! Introducing the famous-already book The Beauty Detox Solution by Kimberly Snyder. I have this book on 2014 and after finished reading this awesome book, i felt so inspired that i started the glowing green smoothie like everyday *cough* *before married*, Excuse me, hahahaha. I guess, i have to read this book again to remind myself on the importance of eating food that can provide you with health benefits and only eat what your body needs!


Photo credit: Pumps & Iron

*looking for my own photos but its missing (always like that when you’re looking for something..duhhh).

Also, most of what this book recommended are indeed sunnah by our prophet Muhammad such as:

  1. Don’t eat seafood with earth-animal
  2. Goat milk is better than cow milk
  3. Eat fruits before your heavy food
  4. Eat moderately on everything

Say mashaAllah!

And my favourite apps is Fitness Pal!


Its so far so good, kind of a reminder on my calorie intakes eventhough i didn’t fill up everyday my calendar-calorie but i think it is very helpful. Try it girls!


P/s: InsyaAllah i want to talk more about my fitness and healthy lifestyle more and more after this. Stay tune bebeh!


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