Escalator ate my skirt!!!

Ola! Assalamu’alaikum! Ahlan wasahlan!

This incident happened just now! After me and my friends had lunch in Level 2, KLCC. Yes, KLCC escalator who ate my skirt! T_T

escalator ate my skirt

So, I just wanna share few tips for everybody’s attention as follows:

  1. Stop button – always at the end of the escalator and please use it in the time of emergency. Good to know that! Because I just knew about it when it’s happened to me. T_T
  2. Be careful always – whatever materials of clothes or shoes you’re wearing, please be reminded that escalator can eat it! So be careful and mindful.
  3. Don’t be panicked – always stay calm and if you can handle it, solve it yourself. if you can’t, always ask for somebody to help you! And be courteous!

p/s: Gosh..I was saved by a boy whose so gentleman and strong! Oh my hero! I pray for your well-being, happiness and may Allah bless you with rezeki in everything you do. Amen.


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