Property in Malaysia: Young Malaysian Dilemma


Assalamualaikum warahmatullah.

Home is where my family are 😉

This entry is about my rants on property pricing and so on, therefore, for those who already bought a house I would like to say “Congrats babe! You made it!”. For those who are still looking, saving and struggling (like me :P) please be patients, sooner or later, one of the property will be ours. InsyaAllah. Amen.

The Capers in Sentul, KL – nearby our house, I’m watching this property being constructed day by day. One of the iconic building in Malaysia 😉 How I wish one of the units is mine…sobs

However, the route to own a property (at least for living by our own), is damn hard, winding road filled with specks of dirt and mud. Why did I say that?

Lots of newly developed property are pricing too high compared to the income of the ordinary salarymen. Ouchhh


Also, not to mention lots and lots of confusing pieces of advice on owning the property such as…



WTFishh! Right? I think these pieces of advice only applies to the already-rich-have-lots-of-money people. Full stop.


 We as a future generation, starting to feel this dilemma when the price of the property is making you suffer. Imagine that you are just starting to work (fresh grad!) in KLCC, basic salary RM3,000 (plus allowances) and you find that it is convenient to use LRT to go to work. Save money and time. Therefore, you decided to rent a house/apartment/flat with walking distance to the LRT. Then you must be needed to find a decent room and you ended up with a nice house and you sign the agreement with the clause “rental will be increased upon owner’s decision” (it is my own be honest, I never sign any agreement like that because the previous owner of the flat that I rented for almost four years trusted me 🙂 which was rare!)
A good strategic even low-cost flat in KL which is situated within 5-minute walking to LRT cost about RM90k to RM120k (in 2014-2015), LEASEHOLD, the size of about 600 sq.ft and NO LIFT (only staircase available for a 5-storey flat).  I never asked any agents or owner of the flat how long has it been leased but I told you it has a very good potential for investment. Gives you high rental rate and many different level people you can get to rent it out easily because it is the cheapest in town for RM300 – 500 per room or RM700 – 1200 per house.
However, nowadays a flat like this is so much PRICEY and not worth to buy anymore. Why did I say that? Because the rental rate cannot beat the installment to the bank , in this case, is applied when you buy that flat/ apartment/ house.
I know our beloved government had developed PRIMA housing scheme, RUMAWIP etc, well I can say it is a good way to help those first-time buyers (like me). However, there are still need to be improved as I heard that PRIMA  or RUMAWIP housing didn’t include parking in the price tag, therefore the buyer need to fork out more to  buy a single parking space.It seems like there is the lack of transparency. (I cannot confirm that fact as I am not yet a buyer of the PRIMA or RUMAWIP house.)
But who am I to talk about this. Try to check all property event on NEWLY DEVELOPED housing and see how much price they put. The cheapest I bet will be starting from RM500k++ for a studio unit which includes 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom in a standard 500 – 600 sq.ft. hahaha. Even that unit I can’t own it, I mean, not with my One and Only salary as the bank will request me to get another person to be the second name. Phewww
p/s: Please tell me how did you guys choose and bought your own house? Is it based on location? Amenities? Distance from office? Landed vs condo vs apartment, which one is your choice? – This should be cover in the next sesh I think ;P Chiowww
Awesome right? 🙂 

My dream house is a landed bungalow with extra land for me to plant fruit and flower trees, good positive neighborhood, nearby lake or sea and green.


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