TTC Journey: PCOS, negative pregnancy tests and diet tips

Warning: This might be a bit too-much-information (TMI). So, beware! ;D

Assalamualaikum & hi all!

At the time when I’m writing this, my period is 15 days late! Can you imagine my excited-ness + nerve-wrecking + confusion?! As I told in my previous post (HERE) that I’ve been consuming Nona Roguy Phytonatal pills to ease my digestion and alhamdulillah my period turns up to be in regular cycle (which is 32 days since September 2016 until TODAYYYY) *sobssss T_T

Actually I’ve done several pregnancy tests when my period is due you know and all I got was NEGATIVE HCG and as I was curious, I did Ovulation tests too to detect hormone LH (hormon subur), and guess what? I got POSITIVE LH, meaning I am fertile on my supposed-to-be-period-days!? What the heck right?  *okay, calm down, breath in, breath out~

Since the 7-day-late-period, I never did any tests anymore. I’m not giving up. I just don’t want to be stressed out and if I did PREGNANT, sooner or later, my baby will show signs.. Which I do not know how. But I did some research that actually there is HOPE! *Gituh!

I read bloggers in Malaysia wrote their experiences with negative pregnancy tests and yet they were actually pregnant. Read their experiences as the list below:

  1. Al-kesahnya Che Ana: 3 months no period and detected pregnant the day after!
  2. Because She is Nurul Badiah: 3 months no period and detected pregnant the day after!
  3. Love is Sayang: 3 months no period and detected pregnant the day after!
  4. The Journey of Life : Her period was 18 days late. Detected pregnant soon after that!

I think many others were experiencing the same thing as these ladies including myself. So, never give up and keep on taking care of ourselves yet do not over-hope! You know what I mean right? Because I’ve had frustrations like a lot, hoping to get pregnant when my period was due and happened once, I woke up to do the preggy test and it was obviously negative and soon after that blood was flowing like rain from my vajayjay.. Sad and frustrated my feeling was.. *reminds me of Yoda. RIP Princess Leia 😦

Since I’m married and trying to conceive, I appreciated my mom better. And all the moms in the world. You girls rock!!!

Soon. InsyaAllah. Never ever give up!


P/s: Let’s try to cut out our sugar intake especially for PCOS – reminder for myself ;D and also other dirty food as depicted below.



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