The Girl on the Train: Movie Review

#I wrote about the The Girl on the Train‘s review on movie and book on my previous post as HERE if you wanna read it. Tqsm 😉

I watched this movie on last Saturday and it was AWESOME! *finally~LOL*

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TTC Journey: PCOS and negative pregnancy test (Part 2)

Ahlan wasahlan habibti~

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2017! Ma’as salamah 2017! Let’s start the day by being positive and better. InsyaAllah. 😉

Even though my pregnancy tests was still negative and my period was due till today. But.. yes there is BUT here. I got a bit like spotted bleeding I must say this morning and I don’t know if it is my period getting started or just another good news. I’m afraid to put any hope. Hope can sometimes be an enemy to a mummy-to-be.. *sobsss T_T Continue reading “TTC Journey: PCOS and negative pregnancy test (Part 2)”