The Girl on the Train: Movie Review

#I wrote about the The Girl on the Train‘s review on movie and book on my previous post as HERE if you wanna read it. Tqsm 😉

I watched this movie on last Saturday and it was AWESOME! *finally~LOL*

It is just like what I’ve imagined when I read the book (Klik SINI untuk maklumat lanjut & kalau korang nak beli buku TGOTT ni dnegan harga murah & free shipping you’ols!) Also, just like how I expected Emily Blunt to deliver her great performance along with other supporting actors and actresses. So so so worth my time to watch. hahahaha

In fact, it became clearer to me about what exactly happened to the girls such as the girl-next-door secret affairs with the bad guy, how Rachel found out about why exactly she divorced with her ex-husband and how Rachel behaved since. All were clearer to me and that bad guy is indeed very very bad (meaning he delivered the character handsomely ;D).

I’m a bibliophile who read and write. Cewaaahhh 😀


If you are a thriller mystery fans like me, you gotta watch this movie. Or you can just read the book and imagine everything by yourself, which to be honest, that is the best part of reading a book!

Well, as a late-watcher, I mean, lambat tengok, orang dah tengok kat wayang dah review bertan-tan baru kau sibuk nak review kann, I watched it online. ;D

Kalau korang nak tau link streaming apa yang sis guna, komen kat bawah k.

p/s: Sis juga akan update cara-cara nak pasang subtitle ke dalam movie. Tunggu next post. Hehehe. Adios~


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