Happy New Year 2018!

Assalamualaikum. Ahlan wasahlan 2018 and all!

It is been a very very very long time I didn’t update anything on my blog. O.M.G.

2017 – marked my life as a senior citizen, nope, as a senior executive. By being a senior, meaning more responsibilities, more burden, more busy and higher expectation! But sadly, not so much money. haha. Ok, I should be grateful right. At least I have a job. Stable job, demanding and challenging but still I enjoying it! Alhamdulillah~

Personal life on 2017? Let past become past. Learning from those mistakes that I made and be matured and wiser and happier self in the future. Amin ya rabbal ‘alamin. Let’s move forward and keep chasing Allah’s blessing in everything. Yup, that’s my principle from now on. InshaAllah.

So, for 2018, I set some KPIs on myself to achieve within the year such as LOSING WEIGHT like seriously! hahahaha.. I know.. It is not that hard. But it was hard for me before. However, last 2 days I managed to fast and I think fasting is my go! Not just for losing weight and qada’ my cannot-fasting-days, but fasting is the best for our health. And today, I manage to skip breakfast (due to heavy dinner last night) and ate on lunch 1 pack of Nasi Lemak. Guess what? I feel my stomach so full I found it hard to breathe. I think my stomach has shrinking a bit!!! Woah! See.. Fasting is veryyyyy good for me and you too~

Lots of western researchers have recommended an Intermittent Fasting. Some recommend to do 1 meal a day and some recommend 2 meals per day within certain time frame. Based from all of that, we can agree that FASTING IS GREAT!

Watch this videos to understand better!

Okla, gotta go. I’ll try to update my blog at least once a week with more info, knowledge and wisdom! Asta la vista baby!


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