I’m social-media-less and survived!

Ahlan wasahlan! Ramadan Mubarak Day 15 y’all!!! Say Alhamdulillah please~

Watch this video to learn why you’re so addicting to those social medias (i.e. Fb, IG, Twitter, Snapchat etc etc etc).

Trust me, using social medias even Google is not safe for your personal data and privacy. They are using our data to analyze our interests and online behaviour. Even Mark Zuckerberg was being investigated about the scandal in April 2018. Just try to Google about it, read or watch  on Youtube to understand what I’m saying.

NOTA: Bukan senang nak hilangkan diri dalam dunia sekarang, walau secebis gambar pun boleh cari, walau di mana korang berada tetap boleh dicari.

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