Say Something…

A song will mean everything when..

You are sad and listening to a sad melancholic song.

You are happy and listening to a happy pop song.

You are in bad mood and listening to a song about a bad day.

Well..Currently my mood is quite off, a bit messy (not because of period :D), so many things in my head and feels so restless..mentally and physically.

Maybe..because of.. somehow i have to let go off something that i used to be. Its not that i hate my past life but i really do not want to remember anything about it.

I’m a new girl in a new stage of my life. A new life, new beginning.

Sesungguhnya “Cinta halal itu yang terbaik”. Percayalah adik-adikku yang belum kahwin, masih berkawan bercouple bagai, tolonglah tinggalkan boyfriend korang sekarang sebab cinta sebelum nikah tiada maknanya. Dan lelaki tak akan bertanggungjawab seperti mana selepas kahwin. Percayalah sayang…(tetiba bagi ceramah bak ustajah semanis kurma pulak. Oh, i miss ustazah bahiyah! 😉

Without further a due..

Enjoice! This is such a beautiful song, i listen to this on and on and on…..

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