TTC Journey, PCOS, Sperm Test dan Ego Lelaki

Assalamualaikum warahmatullah.

Isnin lepas saya jumpa Dr Ahmad Zailani Hatta Mohd Dali (nama penuh kau :P), pakar O&G daripada Pantai Hospital, dia buat part-time kat Yayasan Jabal Nur di bawah Klinik Prof. Dato’ Dr. Hamid Arshat dan di situlah kami bertemu. Cewah! Sangat berpatutan cas rawatan dan konsultasi yang dikenakan (kalau compare dengan hospital swasta yang lain2). Nak2 dengan Dr.Hatta yang sangatlah gentle, friendly and passionately explained everything you need to know. I felt like “Yes, this is it. Finally I found him!muahahahaha” *Gituh! Sebab Dr. Hatta ni punya servis terbaik dan bersabar layan soalan2 kami laki bini 😀

Yeah, it is scary to look at. No matter how you look at it T_T #PCOSgirl

Untuk sesiapa yang ingin mendapatkan rawatan ataupun konsultasi berkenaan Obstetrics and Gynaecology (O&G) dengan Klinik Dr. Hamid Arshat, boleh klik SINI. Continue reading “TTC Journey, PCOS, Sperm Test dan Ego Lelaki”


TTC Journey: PCOS and negative pregnancy test (Part 2)

Ahlan wasahlan habibti~

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2017! Ma’as salamah 2017! Let’s start the day by being positive and better. InsyaAllah. 😉

Even though my pregnancy tests was still negative and my period was due till today. But.. yes there is BUT here. I got a bit like spotted bleeding I must say this morning and I don’t know if it is my period getting started or just another good news. I’m afraid to put any hope. Hope can sometimes be an enemy to a mummy-to-be.. *sobsss T_T Continue reading “TTC Journey: PCOS and negative pregnancy test (Part 2)”

TTC Journey: PCOS, negative pregnancy tests and diet tips

Warning: This might be a bit too-much-information (TMI). So, beware! ;D

Assalamualaikum & hi all!

At the time when I’m writing this, my period is 15 days late! Can you imagine my excited-ness + nerve-wrecking + confusion?! As I told in my previous post (HERE) that I’ve been consuming Nona Roguy Phytonatal pills to ease my digestion and alhamdulillah my period turns up to be in regular cycle (which is 32 days since September 2016 until TODAYYYY) *sobssss T_T

Actually I’ve done several pregnancy tests when my period is due you know and all I got was NEGATIVE HCG and as I was curious, I did Ovulation tests too to detect hormone LH (hormon subur), and guess what? I got POSITIVE LH, meaning I am fertile on my supposed-to-be-period-days!? What the heck right?  *okay, calm down, breath in, breath out~ Continue reading “TTC Journey: PCOS, negative pregnancy tests and diet tips”